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Self-Organize your Own Session at the House of Tea!

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Althrough various editions of Chaos Communication Congress/Camp, the House of Tea (formerly the “TeaHouse”) has been a host to various sessions: circle discussions, hands-on workshops (massage, nail art, collage, go and much much more), but also theater representations, live-coding performances and much much more.

These sessions happen in a cozy analog setting, usually away from laptops (although they are not *strictly* forbidden ;)) ), where people can meet and exchange face to face. People coming to present something usually leave their session having learnt something as well. It is usually an occasion for more “p2p” than unidirectional exchanges…

What would your own session at the House of Tea look like?

We believe in the principles of spontaneity and self-organization.

Sessions have ranged from the most spontaneous, organized on the spot, at the right time+place, because enough people around some table were alreadythere; to some timed in advance, sometimes days or weeks before, therefore registered in the overall schedule, advertised with posters, flyers, etc.

All is possible in between those two brackets!

If you want to organize your own session:

- decide how spontaneous you want it to be:

  1. Maybe nothing is necessary than just be here at the right time and place!
  2. Maybe you have a clear idea of a given time where you want it to happen (Maybe 30 minutes after the talk you would have given on some stage?) → In that case, it is best to check for the published schedule of the sessions at the House of Tea, and/or join our Matrix room to make sure the timeslot you are aiming for is available and to book it.

- think of a setup that is more participative, more “offline” and cozy than the usual “conference” or “talk”.

- register an account on the back-office of the Congress and get in touch with us (via Matrix, Mastodon, or physically, in order to give us your login.

- we will then give you the rights to our assembly so you can register your session by yourself.

- If you want we can help you advertise and publicize your session before it happens.

Feel free to ask us for any further question or assistance! <3

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