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What material can one contribute (temporarily or permanently) to the House of Tea?

tent_fabric_with_lights.jpg The House of Tea is driven by principles of DIY and self-organization. Across the years, it accumulated new and recycled material from various sources, to arrange them together on the focal point of Congresses and Camps. Yet material wears off, and needs evolve over time.

If you have any of the following in excess (to donate), or that you could just lend the time of a Congress/Camp, please bring it with you, or get in touch with us so we can help organize some sort of shopping!

Tea \o/

  • Tea =) Bring your favourites, cafeinated and non-cafeinated (herbal, infusions, spices, etc.), if you want to share them!
  • Thermo-bottles to bring hot water to the tables.
  • White vinegar for dish-washing.

Structure and Material

We are always in need for more material to make our place cozy! Contact us (or just bring them!) if you have any of the following:


  • B1 (fireproof) fabric of any color and any length
  • cushions of any size, shape and colors
  • carpet of any size and shape and condition (recycled carpet from trade shows could do the job!) (we probably have found a solution for carpets! thanks s & a!)

Deco and Lights

  • deco fabric and other deco materials
  • Any USB-powered light
  • LED strips (as long as they have a “steady” mode, and are not forced to a blinky pattern)
  • olschool lamps with lamp shades
  • artificial plants? real plants?
  • anything cozy :)

Books, board games


  • go boards are incredibly popular at the House of Tea, but our inventory has none. So feel free to bring some to leave them at the House of Tea during the event, or to donate them!
  • any board game that is fun to play as a group is likely to get its moment at the House of Tea :)
  • Books are often converging towards the House of Tea, and end up being respectfully piled somewhere where they can be consulted. Feel free to bring your favourite books that you'd like to share (be aware that the environment is watery, and that even if people are respectful, accidents can happen!)

Any sort of creative supplies

Sometimes at the House of Tea, appeared:

  • assortments of nail polish
  • piles of magazines ans cissors for making collages
  • all sorts of paint and colours

So bring your own creative supplies, the ones you want to share, the ones you think will be fun to be randomly appropriated by anyone and everyone around! <3

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