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How to help the House of Tea?

knotty-materials.jpg The question is frequently asked, by first-time or recurring visitors, or by people who only heard about the House of Tea so far…

The House of Tea is flowing by the following principles: self-organization, DIY (or rather Do It Together!), shared common infrastructure. Make sure to only contribute in ways that make you feel joyful and comfortable, do not feel forced to do anything!

Here is a rough list of ways to help, ordered by various phases in the process of a Congress:

Before Congress

During build-up of Congress

  • If you have some time a head and (at least) one pair of arms, you can probably help! Just show up at the House of Tea (precise location: probably Zwischenfoyer Saal 1 - 3rd floor (3. OG)). Work with the installation of the structure, the tables, deco, lights, readying of the tea gear is much needed and appreciated!

During Congress itself

how_to_help_water.jpg Many ways of helping during Congress, from 30 seconds to [as much as your heart and body allow]! :)

  • Passing by, one can check if everything is going fine, and if tea is flowing at the tables. In which case it is always super helpful to:
    • Offer a tea-sharer to re-fill their thermo bottle with hot water (ask them if they want it 80 degrees -for green tea- or hotter), so they do not have to get up. You can also offer to bring them fresh/clean cups.
    • collect upside-down discarded cups from the tables and bring them to the pre-wash.
  • If no tea is flowing, you can start a teapot and invite people around to join you (either by joining a table where people already sit, or by selecting an empty table and inviting people around…)


  • Re-filling the water is essential for the flow! One can:
    • Check if the boilers are close to be empty, and re-fill them with the water from a tank. (in which case think of collecting the remaining hot water in a thermo bottle, to avoid “down time” while water heats up!)
    • Check if the water tanks are close to be empty, and re-fill them in the nearest toilet, using a roll-cart. If you ask around, someone will surely help you with this heroic task, that is usually much more fun when done as a team!
  • dishwashing is always needed! As to minimize the number of hands that will get in contact with the wash, we rather have one person doing one full batch of wash at a time.

During tear-down of Congress

After the last minute of the last (closing) talk, tear down starts at the House of Tea! Join us and bring your friends, it shall be wrapped quickly if we are enough people!

After Congress

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