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Welcome to the House of Tea! Make it Flow! :)

The House of Tea is where tea flows and laptops close! Come share a nice cup of tea, but also words, ideas, emotions, projects and dreams!

Since its inception at OHM (2013) and through all CCCongresses/Camps since, the House of Tea (previously known at the “TeaHouse” when it was once tied to FR organization La Quadrature du Net) have had a life of its own, beyond borders and boundaries of collectives.

Its only purpose as a piece of collective infrastructure is to enable the flow of nice hot tea and a cozy, chilled and welcoming vibe!

The House of Tea belongs to everyone and to noone at the same time: If you ever drank a nice warm cup, prepared a teapot, re-filled a tank with water, dish-washed, carried a jug back and forth, self-organized an activity, or if you just participated by chilling in any possible way: this house is already *yours* and will remain so! <3

Check our amazing schedule!

regularly updated on our 37C3 page.

More info about our sessions and how to organize your own

🤙 Want to give a hand? Questions? Suggestions?

Join our Matrix room

or get in touch via the Fediverse/Mastodon, and help fill this wiki ^_^

💸 Support House of Tea

via Paypal to houseoftea -AT-

(You can also make a donation in cash at 37C3)

More about finance

On the menu

No Shoe Zone!

It is a usage or a tradition at the House of Tea, around our tea tables and in our cozy space: to leave the shoes at the edge of the zone. (Learn more about this and bring your cozy woolen socks!)

- How to help with making it flow at the House of Tea?

- Self-Organized Sessions at the House of Tea, and how to organize one!

- Contribute some materials to the House of Tea! There's never enough tea varieties and LEDs, ya know…

- a Tea Ritual? Really?

- An Inventory of the House of Tea;

- Dishwashing! How it is organized and how *you* can play a role! ;)

- Our Safety Manifesto.

- Images, posters and various materials.

- Budget and call for financial support in the finance page.

- A teapot on the flow3r badge! :)

This is all work in progress :)


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